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The entire focus of TITAN is to give you the probably most massive sustained guitar power chords you have ever experienced.The usual process to rec...


The entire focus of TITAN is to give you the probably most massive sustained guitar power chords you have ever experienced.

The usual process to record huge and broad guitars is to record the same guitar twice and pan one signal to the left and the other one to the right.

We went a step further and recorded the same note not just twice with one guitar, also not four times with two different guitars, but six times with three different pre-amped guitars!

As if this wouldn't be enough we processed and layered the final signal with a special 12 voice self-made sauce patch from the one and only Dave Smith Prophet 12!

Last but not least, that whole set was processed with three different virtual guitar distortion amp setups, providing you with a variety of distorted power chord sounds from low C1 to Eb2:

- The Dragon
- The Beast
- The Behemoth

– library size: 195 MB
– full access to the .wav files
– to run the Kontakt programs you need Kontakt 5.8.1


Check out how David Kudell used Titan in his Westworld Scoring Competiton Track



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Love it !!! Excellent in a pop mix , very useful - put a low pass filter on , you’ve got some serious Adele “ hello “ chorus vibes! Very cool work Alex!

Luke B.
Australia Australia

A great time saving solution!

Great if you need some fast power-chords and don't want to track them!

Alexandru C.
Romania Romania

Small, awesome guitar library

I bought Titan in the €2 sale and have to say...it's awesome. Those guitars have been recorded fantastically. If you want a nice bed if distorted guitars then you can do a lot worse than this. I bought it two days ago and I've already used it. Titan sits amazingly well in a mix and I'll be using it in future projects. Alex, thank you and I look forward to your future libraries

Paul O.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Excellent And Simple Instrument With Potential

Needs more chromatic variation. Also an unprocessed version would be awesome, something I could add effects to in my DAW.

Conor B.
United States United States

Excellent Product for Great Value

These guitars are so epic! I've already used them loads in my productions - they are great to beef out those brahms! :) Would highly recommend!


Will improve your tracks instantly

I used Titan for a recent project and it really added so much to the sound of my orchestral track. It couldn't be easier to use, and the stereo sound of these power chords adds so much depth to the sound, and gives it a whole new level of polish. The project came out so good that I had to come over here to write a review immediately!

David K.
United States United States

Cheap but doesn't sound cheap

Thanks for the great discount!!!!

Firdaus Md. Fadzil
Malaysia Malaysia


Great product!

Michael F.
Canada Canada

Best Power chords!

What a great sounding set of power chords. Easy to work with and incredibly useful for me. A welcome addition to my kontakt library and quite affordable.

Jawad A.
United States United States

Massive power chords

I really like the sound of Alex's libraries. Unfortunately, I can't use the Kontakt instruments because I have an older OS and a limitation on the version of Kontakt. But it turns out that the WAV files are very useful for most libraries, and Alex was really helpful in cluing me in as to which ones were best for using the WAV files. I recently purchased Titan, and the WAV files are awesome. I make cinematic compositions, and these huge power chords will be perfect for those projects.

Doug K.