The Pyxis Resonations


The Pyxis Resonations
The Pyxis Resonations The Pyxis Resonations

- all samples are recorded in 24bit, 44.1 KHz

- library size: 165 MB
- you have full access to the .wav loops
- to run the Kontakt programs you need Kontakt 5.8

Control Instructions:

The Big Knob to the right is controlling the cutoff filter and connected to CC01 (Modwheel)
The two small knobs below are controlling the attack (<) and the release (>)

At first it may look a bit confusing but the patch names which seem to be just cryptic numbers are actually the theoretical description of the chord:
The patch 1573 simply means that you hear (in that order) the root, the fifth, the (major) seventh and a major third. So in the key of C this would be a Cmaj7 chord (C, G, B, E)
The patch 1+5b7b3 is the root, the raised fifth, the seventh and the minor third.
The chord would be a Cmin7#5 (C, G#, Bb, Eb)