Polyvoc Station


Polyvoc Station

Polyvoc Station contains:

- 21x the original Oscillators and waveforms diatonically sampled from an original Polivoks Synthesizer
- 100x "Station Diaries": programmed patches from the original Oscillators and Waveforms
- 25x "Encounters": sound designed Bramms
- 25x "Mission Documents": sound designed and processed loops and pulses
- 25x "Implosions" - Hits and Sub Hits
- 25x "Rescue Pads": sound designed analog pads

– library size: 3.05 GB
– you have full access to the .wav files
– to run the Kontakt programs you need Kontakt 5.8

The Big Knob in the middle is controlling the cutoff filter and connected to CC01 (Modwheel)
The Glide patches are additionally mapped to CC11 controlling the portamento
The ARP patches are additionally mapped to CC11, controlling the arpeggio Octave -/+