Heroic Rhythms Vol. 03 | Music Loop Pack


Heroic Rhythms Vol. 03 | Music Loop Pack

Herewith I present you Volume 3 of our well-acclaimed series: Heroic Rhythms.

No matter if you are stuck in a tight deadline or looking for inspiration or looking forward to acoustically spice up your end boss battle track? Heroic Rhythms Vol 3 got you covered.

This pack contains full and split-up MIDI loops that have been optimized to work with the 8Dio New Epic Taiko Kontakt sample library.

  • 12 Loops in 3 different parts
  • optimized for various tempi
  • each loop available as split-up sections (sticks, taiko hi, taiko lo)
  • flexible to any tempo and editable
  • optimized for 8Dio New Epic Taiko
  • works with any DAW and other percussion sample libraries

Please note: This MIDI Loop pack does NOT contain any of the above-mentioned sample libraries!

 This library has been created in collaboration with Maximilian Maier