Adventurous Strings Vol. 01
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Let loose with the grand sense of wonder and awe with this MIDI pack of adventurous strings! You will be able to add the right auditory punch to yo...


Let loose with the grand sense of wonder and awe with this MIDI pack of adventurous strings! You will be able to add the right auditory punch to your soundtrack each and every time you use this. With all the necessary accouterments, you'll find that your project will have a level of punch and thrill you wouldn't normally have otherwise! Give it a shot today!

This MIDI loop pack contains rhythms, voicings, and arpeggios in 6/8 adventure style.

It has been optimized to work perfectly with Audio Imperia Nucleus String Ensemble spiccato patch, but of course, works with spiccato patches of any other string ensemble sample library.

It doesn't matter if you are looking for simple rhythm patterns, complex voicings, or driving arpeggios. The great advantage of MIDI files is, that you can perfectly fit it for your needs.

Last but not least, this MIDI loop pack isn't just a simple MIDI pack. It has been also optimized to work in Presonus Studio One and Steinberg Cubase!

This means that you can simply drag and drop those loops right into your session from within your DAW.

  • 20x 8bar Loops (full arrangement, voicings & arpeggios)
  • 10x 4bar Arpeggios
  • flexible to your session tempo and editable
  • DAW loops load directly with Audio Imperia Nucleus Spiccato Strings


Please note: This MIDI Loop pack does NOT contain any of the above-mentioned sample libraries!


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Nice... real nice! It's MIDI, so it not just great for strings.

Michael D.
United States United States
I wish that ...

I am very happy with the pack and I am learning how to use it. I only wish if possible to get the information of the chords to make it even easier its use. Thanks for the nice pack

Ricardo C.
Chile Chile
Adventure Strings

The midi provides a good starting point to develop ideas and create original midi files. Even mixing different files helps to create new ideas

Del B.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Everything is fine. Thanks!!!

Anton F.
Ukraine Ukraine
Adventure Strings

Really good quality add sound (Symphontic Studio series-in my regard) Wouldv'e been nice if the chord proresssions were stated, The notes are avaialable and can easily be used to detemine, (would save time tho, giving the progression)

Ian S.
South Africa South Africa

Very nice, very flexible, great variations

Teo K.
Netherlands Netherlands
The Adventurous Strings Midi Pack

The Adventurous Strings Midi Pack is a great inspiration. And perfect for Epic music Thanks Alex !

Germany Germany

I love the string pack and coming back for raging strings

Gloria R.
United States United States
Great Inspiration

A very nice pack to get ideas flowing...always appreciate MIDI and would love to see more of these. Thanks.

Scott M.
Canada Canada
Need inspiration?

These are great starting points to get your adventure going. Nice to strip them down and learn the music theory behind them too, Love them.

Aidan H.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Great Product

Great product, i wish there are a few more midi, looking for some 4/4 midi too , i will buy futur products for sure !

Geric D.
France France
Inspiring arpeggios

Great arpeggios and rythms. They give you an instant inpiration to develop your own ideas.

Germany Germany
Adventure Strings - Rhythms, Voicings and Arpeggios in 6/8

a very handy and nice tool it saves a lot of workflowtime, because you no longer have to make or play them yourself!

Remco v.
Netherlands Netherlands