3 reviews
Tonal Hits
Tonal Hits 3 reviews
Your ultimate toolkit to create Tonal Hits on the fly Tonal Hits is a collection of 108 soft, hard, distorted and sound designed hits. The hits are spread out on the keyboard, giving you almost endless possibilities to layer and...
6 reviews
Tonal Downers 6 reviews
The only way down is tonal Tonal Downers is a tool library offering you a variety of the typical downer sound which can be heard in trailers. The library contains 168 Tonal Downersin 2 and 1 bar length, additionally chopped...
4 reviews
The Eridanus Transmissions 4 reviews
  Explore a little universe full of drones and pulses The Eridanus Transmissions is a NI Kontakt driven library and consists of: – Low Frequency Data – 25x Low Drones– High Frequency Data – 25x High Drones– Beta Eridani Voice...
2 reviews
Tonal Risers 2 reviews
  Your ultimate toolkit to create risers on the fly Tonal Risers is the ultimate construction kit when you need that special sound before your track is hitting the climax. All 72 samples per patch are synced to tempo and assigned...
5 reviews
Polyvoc Station 5 reviews
  A creative recreation of the famous Polivoks synthesizer Polyvoc Station contains:- 21x the original Oscillators and waveforms diatonically sampled from an original Polivoks Synthesizer- 100x "Station Diaries": programmed patches from the original Oscillators and Waveforms- 25x "Encounters": sound designed...
1 review
Quantum Fluctuations 1 review
  Tonal pulse percussion Quantum Fluctuations contains: - 100 raw loops manually created from the finest analog gear- another 100 loops which have been mangled to the moon and back all samples are recorded in 24bit, 44.1 KHz library size:...
3 reviews
SOL 3 reviews
  Everything revolves around the sun SOL contains (in the key of C and G): The Core - 26x bass 8th note rhythm mapped for each key's guitar chords Revolving COREds - 52x clean and distorted guitar 8th note rhythm...
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