How do you know if you are a good enough composer?

Right now, when you are reading this, the chances are pretty high that you are someone who is writing, publishing, or selling music.

Chances are also pretty high that you often asked yourself the question mentioned above, followed by a few other nagging things which keep you from writing music.

In this blog post, I want to clear up a few things to hopefully give your career a little boost.

Am I good enough?

The short answer would be:
You know if you are good enough when you tried it!

The long answer isn't any different from that, except that it may be helpful to elaborate on a few more things.

We tend to plan too much and overthink.

"Is my track good enough to publish it?" ... "Is my mix ok?" ...

... or even before releasing your music ...

"Does my setup work?" ... "Did I pick the right sounds?"

Again, the answer is, you will never know until you've tried.

I remember that time when I wrote a track I wasn't pleased with the end result. The direction didn't feel right, the choice of instruments felt weak, and my mix sounded kind of strange.

In short, I felt like I better would get this one off my hard drive as quick as possible.

However, I sent it off to the publisher and let them decide ... and it turned out that this track ended up being my highest grossing track for years.

At some months, it even paid the entire rent.

From this moment, I knew that, especially in the beginning years, such intense criticism of my music could be easily confused with self-doubt.

What do other composers think of my music?

The truth is, this question is so prominent in our all heads, but it shouldn't be there.

No really, unless it is constructive criticism or teamwork, it doesn't matter what other composers, artists, or musicians may think about your music. It doesn't matter!

You create music for trailer houses, film producers, video game companies, fans, or advertising spots. Not for other composers! End of story!

Do I have the right gear?

No, you will never have the right gear! :P

During your next years, you will probably tell yourself the following words at least once every few weeks:

For the first time, my set up feels complete!

Hand on the heart. A short while after those words, you are already on the hunt for more gear to improve your music!

Just accept this thought that even if one day after many years of professionally writing music, you are sitting inside the perfect studio, you are still looking for something to improve your music - which is a good thing, because you want to improve yourself.

However, there is also beauty in the negative side of things. Even if you don't feel that you have the right gear, learn to limit yourself and make use of what is available to you.

By limiting yourself, you automatically start digging into the sample libraries you already own and pay attention to a few more details.

Try to get the maximum out of what you have. Review your existing sample libraries and VSTis because sometimes you find categories, presets, and features you've never seen or heard before.

Once you know your gear, picking new stuff will become way more relaxed! ;)

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