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New Releases

No War Drum
I have to admit, the name is quite weird, but convince yourself. It sounds like a distant haunting war drum, ... but it is actually a picture on canvas. I discovered this sound by accident and, obviously, I had to...
4 reviews
Sick Beats
Sick Beats 4 reviews
Sick Beats is just what it is: Sick Beats! ... or to explain it in a different way: When tones, gaps, distortion, and compressors try to spread as much as possible. This sample library contains 40 handcrafted loops and many...
3 reviews
Indian Drums Vol. 1 - Dholki & Phakawaj 3 reviews
Indian Drums Vol. 1 features two traditional Indian percussion instruments which have been recorded by Ashutosh Sohoni The Dholki, a small Dholak, is a two-headed hand drum and mainly a folk instrument. The Dholki is pitched and creates some beautiful tones...
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