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A passionately played Indian traditional flute

yay, lets go


Love your libraries, they're unique and focused and at least personally speaking, not overcoded!

Gareth Coker, Composer (Ori and the Blind Forest)

I own ten String THeories Libraries and use them in lots of my productions from orchestral to rock to pop. Small in size, big in sound, super fast load times, high quality! Love these!

Carlos Villalobos Jr, Grammy nominated composer

I've not been disappointed with anything Alex has put out so far. I use his stuff in almost every song and it never fails to make the song better. If you haven't yet tried any of his libraries I suggest you give one or two a try. Trust me, you will not be disapponted.

Dwayne Ford, Composer

New Releases

Trailer Djembe
  What is small, can be played very fast, stings through the thickest epic arrangement, features three velocity layers and 30 round-robin samples? The Trailer Djembe! - library size: - full access to the .wav files- ton run the Kontakt programs you...
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Passionate Bansuri
  The Passionate Bansuri consists of 120 recorded phrases of the Bansuri, a traditional Indian flute, played by none other than Girish Kale and recorded by Ashutosh Sohoni. All of the phrases are timing synced and recorded in the key...
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Tonal Hits
Tonal Hits 1
Your ultimate toolkit to create Tonal Hits on the fly Tonal Hits is a collection of 108 soft, hard, distorted and sound designed hits. The hits are spread out on the keyboard, giving you almost endless possibilities to layer and...
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