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David Kudell

“I own all of Alex’s libraries. The Titan guitar is a particular favorite - the sound of those power chords took my Westworld scene to the next level." 



Love your libraries, they're unique and focused and at least personally speaking, not overcoded!

– Gareth Coker, Composer (Ori and the Blind Forest)

I own 9 String THeories Libraries and use them in lots of my productions from orchestral to rock to pop. Small in size, big in sound, super fast load times, high quality! Love these!

– Carlos Villalobos Jr, Grammy nominated composer

I've not been disappointed with anything Alex has put out so far. I use his stuff in almost every song and it never fails to make the song better. If you haven't yet tried any of his libraries I suggest you give one or two a try. Trust me, you will not be disapponted.

– Dwayne Ford, Composer

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